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Bulk Packaging

Many Mabroc customers utilize our bulk packaging solutions to obtain premium teas to be packaged in their own facilities. Combining the finest Ceylon Teas with state-of-the-art automated blending machines, Mabroc has supplied bulk teas to a wide array of customers from around the world. Our bulk teas are carefully selected through a meticulous process that combines modern technological sophistication and trusted hands-on experience to ensure the highest quality, and our distinct blends are the substance behind a number of popular tea brands around the world.

Private Labeling

Give your brand an eye-catching edge that will set it apart from the rest. Mabroc’s in-house private labelling service helps you craft the ideal appearance for your tea brand. Select from a seemingly endless array designs and finishes for your packaging, and create a memorable product for your customer. Mabroc’s private labelling service gives you access to our team of expert designers who can help create innovative and iconic product labelling which enhance your brand’s presence and character.

Mabroc Branded

Mabroc has a large variety of teas under its umbrella, and each blend is crafted to perfection with decades of experience in crafting Sri Lanka’s finest teas. Mabroc’s own label brands are loved by people around the world, and signature brews such as 1001 Nights and Yala Nights fuse exotic ingredients and subtle flavours that bring delight in a teacup. With an array of beautiful packaging options containing nothing but the finest Ceylon Teas, Mabroc’s product range has something special for anyone and everyone.