For centuries we have been told that green Tea helps in losing weight, but does it really do the job?

Studies confirm that it contains a crucial property known as ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate) which leads the attack. This boosts the body’s metabolism that will in turn help you digest your food faster.

We all know that when food digestion is slow, the chances of it turning into fat is larger.

Also compounds in green Tea increases the levels of hormones and commands your cells to break down fat to release it to the blood stream. This in turn will be used as energy.

This effect could be multiplied by using Green Tea before, after or during a workout. Studies show that athletes who consume Green Tea during work outs burn 17% more calories during a workout.

When attacking fat, Green Tea targets a harmful type of fat called visceral fat or belly fat which is the main cause for heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. This is mainly done by a massive range of antioxidants called catechins which is present in Green Tea.

The caffeine present in the Green Tea aids acting as a stimulant to burn body fat.

Green tea acts as a sort of laxative that helps the body promote bowel movements this will aid in clearing the gut.

Ever wondered why the Japanese are always in shape? They on average consumer between 4-5 cups of green tea daily. Consumption is mainly after meals, some even consume it during meals. This accelerates the fat burning process.

Daily intake of Green Tea contributes to a burn of 75-100 calories per day according to studies. Therefore it is safe to say that Green Tea consumption will aid in burning fat which will contribute to weight loss.

In order to get the maximum effect of Green Tea always use fresh water. Also Green Tea doesn’t need boiling water to brew, below boing water or 80C hot water is sufficient. Simply boil water and let it cool for several minutes before pouring it in to your leaves or to your Tea bag. Pouring boiling water will burn the precious catechins in the Tea ,that leads the charge to attack fat.

Consumption after meals or after a workout is helpful to assist in the entire process