Different Tea types have different brewing instructions and procedures.

Let us drink green Tea properly by brewing it correctly.

Green Tea is made different to Black Tea, therefore brewing it is also unique.

Black Tea can be brewed by boiling water that’s at a temperature of 100 c or at a rolling boil. The Black Tea leaves are hard and crispy because it’s withered or smoked gently with warm air. Due to this, it needs to be boiled with piping hot water to reach the hard parts of the leaf.

Green Tea however is manufactured by gently steaming it thus stopping the oxidization process at the beginning of the process in the Japanese method and pan frying it in the Chinese method, this doesn’t make it hard and crispy like the black tea but will make it soft and dry giving it a distinctively unique flavor.

Green Tea needs to be brewed in 80c water.

Do not do the mistake of pouring in boiling water into the Green Tea leaves and then allowing it to cool to 80 C, you will only burn the Tea leaves.

If you don’t possess a temperature controlled water boiler, simple bring water to a rolling boil and allow it to cool for 2 mins, this will get the temperature down to 80C from 100C.

Always make sure to use fresh water as water quality is of paramount importance.