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Our famous Ceylon tea brands are crafted by a dedicated team of professionals.

From brand innovators to tea tasters; from in-house packaging designers and experienced international marketers to factory staff, all are dedicated to bringing the premium Ceylon tea to you in perfect condition.

140+ products
1st ethical tea brand in the world awarded by the UN
Tea in 50+ countries

Why partnering with Mabroc makes sound business sense.

We’re here to help overseas companies introduce new products into their country, grow their market share or satisfy an existing distribution channel. No matter which route you choose, Mabroc will work closely with you to ensure you only receive the best advice, the right products at the right price and at the right time.

  • Our backward integration means our supply chain is never interrupted.
  • The 20 million kilos of Ceylon tea we produce annually comes from our own tea estates in Sri Lanka. That’s something other tea export companies can only aspire to.
  • Our 8 trained experienced tea tasters taste over 1,000 cups a day to achieve the desired flavours for global tea importers.
  • Our experienced team of packaging designers and international marketers can work closely with you on a wide range of promotional activities.

Our core belief is safety & quality

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