Halgolla Estate Single Garden Loose Black Tea 500g

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Mabroc 125g (KVPL) Halgolla Single Garden Loose Tea

Halgolla Estate Single Garden Tea is harvested only from the Halgolla estate and is ideal to be consumed with milk due to the rich character. 125g of loose tea is packed into a heat-sealed pouch and placed into a bio degradable carton.

The Halgolla estate is famous for its rich history in the Tea trade as it was utilized as a Tea plantation from 1898, its bio diversity throughout the plantation as its home to many animal species, different climatic conditions experienced inside it as the elevation quickly changes.

Single garden unblended Ceylon tea.

This Estate is located within the Sabaragamuwa region in Ceylon. Tea gardens situated in this region are among lush untouched rainforests.

Brewing Notes - Better With Milk

1. Elevation - 210 meters
2. Distance from Colombo- 87 kms
3. Total cultivation – 396.16 H.A.
4. Vegitatively Propagated Tea area– 242.74 H.A.
5. Annual crop green leaf – 1,590,697kgs
6. Annual made tea – 342,000kgs

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