Legends Range -Earl Grey Special 100 Tea bags, infused with Bergamot oil

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Mabroc 100 X 2g Earl Grey Special Tea Bag Cartons

Premium Ceylon Black Tea is infused with the oil from the bergamont fruit.The tangy notes from the citrussy fruit complements the full bodied black Tea. 

• Type of Tea: Specialty Tea
• Tea Bag or Loose Tea: Tea Bag
• Contents of Product Package: 100 Cotton Tea bags weighing 2g each, packed into a heatsealed pouch, re-packed into a bio-degradable fiber based carton
• Type of Tea bag (PT Tea bag, IMA Tea bag or Triangular Tea bag): IMA Tea Bag
• CBM (Cubic Measurement) per master carton: 0.0130
• Number of Master cartons in a 20" Container: 2,150
• Number of Master cartons in a 40" Container: 4,460
• Number of Master cartons in a 40" HC Container: 5,230

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