Legends Range - Geen Tea with Jasmine Flavour 100G carton

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Mabroc 100 G Green Tea With Jasmine Loose Tea Cartons

Large leaf Ceylon Green Tea is infused with Jasmine to give you a delicately & fragrant flowery note when brewed, leaving a lush green garden at the bottom of the cup.

• Type of Tea: Flavoured Green Tea
• Tea Bag or Loose Tea: Loose Tea
• Contents of Product Package: 100g of loose tea packed into a heatsealed pouch, re-packed into a 100% Bio degradable carton.
• Type of Tea bag (PT Tea bag, IMA Tea bag or Triangular Tea bag): -
• CBM (Cubic Measurement) per master carton: 0.0351
• Number of Master cartons in a 20" Container: 795
• Number of Master cartons in a 40" Container: 1,650
• Number of Master cartons in a 40" HC Container: 1,935

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