Imagine the pride of owning your own tea brand. And the opportunities it brings. Yet many people think creating your own label brand is a long, hard road.

With Mabroc it isn’t - because we can do everything to bring the finest premium Ceylon tea under your roof.

Your Ideal White Label Partner.

Highest Quality

You have access to all the Quality Certifications we’ve been granted. Your packaging will carry the much-envied “Lion” logo which represents the highest accolade of quality Ceylon Tea.

Flexible Minimum Order Quantity

You’ll be able to take advantage of our flexible Minimum Order quantities as we know from wide experience that some blends sell better than others.

Versatile Packaging

We have fully automated bagging facilities to provide tea bags as well as loose tea.

Why Our Customers Choose Mabroc

  • We have direct access to the largest plantation company in the country due to ownership of it.
  • We are the single largest tea producers in the country producing over 5 million kilos of tea in our Ceylon Tea Gardens.
  • Traceability records of Tea available upon request routing back to its originating tea garden, due to all plantations being vertically integrated.
  • We control the supply chain, so expect an uninterrupted supply always no matter what global situation arises.
  • We have the backing of a prestigious & diversified MNC which is over 140 years old, Hayleys PLC, which won the ‘‘Best Corporate Citizen” many times.
  • A team of 8 Tea experts with the innate ability to create novel blends.
  • Proudly servicing more than 200 clients from 52 countries and ever expanding.

Awards & Certifications

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