Oliphant Estate Single Garden Loose Green Tea 400g

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Mabroc 100g (KVPL) Oliphant Green Tea Single Garden Loose Tea

From : Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

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A star in our premium range of single origin Tea due to the distinctive flavor it possesses. This Tea estate of ours is situated 1690 meters above sea level  in Sri Lanka. A light brew with earthy and floral notes awaits you every sip. Pay keen attention to water quality and temperature not exceeding 80C to enjoy a good cup of Ceylon Green Tea. The loose leaf variety creates a green garden at the bottom of the cup by opening up the rolled pellets during the brewing process. 100g of loose Ceylon Green Tea par pack.

Single garden unblended Ceylon tea.

This Estate is located within the Nuwara Eliya region in Ceylon. Tea produced in this area is known for its delicate character.

Brewing Notes - Better Without Milk

1. Elevation - 1690 meters

2. Total cultivation extent – 238.13 H.A

2. Vegitatively Propagated Tea area– 34.18 H.A.
3. Old Seedling tea – 140.51H.A.
4. Annual crop green leaf – 794,780kgs
5. Annual made tea – 190,750kgs

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