Sri Lanka is famous for its exotic spices which are used to enrich some of the great food dishes of the world.

Here on our plantations we cultivate some of the finest Ceylon spices and herbs, and ensure they are in perfect condition for all your dishes.

Our Ceylon Spice range includes Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black & White Peppers, Mixed Herbs, Cloves, Ginger and Garlic.

Can you imagine the heady aroma in our Ceylon spice gardens?

Bon apetit!


Our Ceylon Spice Range


Beloved by the ancient Greeks, Cardamom has a strong almost earthy flavour and is popular in Herbal and Spiced Teas as well as adding a bite to popular Indian dishes. It’s even favoured in the Nordic countries to add to breads and pastries.


Cloves are sun dried flower buds and are used in a wide variety of dishes from Asia to the Mediterranean. Cloves are especially popular in sweeter dishes and herbal teas where they add a wonderful aromatic scent and taste.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Known for 4,000 years and cultivated in Sri Lanka for over 400 years, true Cinnamon was regarded as the Spice of Kings. Today, it’s used extensively in many dishes across the world including sweets and even mints. Ceylon Cinnamon is regarded as the finest available.

Black Pepper

Grown since time immemorial, black pepper is the world’s most popular exotic spice and used in every dish imaginable.

White Pepper

Made from the ground seeds of the black pepper plant and not as strong as its cousin, white pepper is especially popular in Chinese and Thai cooking and can be used on salads without overpowering individual flavours.

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