The first tea bushes were planted at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya 1824 by English planters. James Taylor began commercial planting in 1867 and is known as the father of Ceylon Tea.

Ceylon tea is currently grown in 7 different eco-systems with a broad spectrum of flavours, tastes and strengths from hi-grown to low-grown varieties.

The Ceylon Tea Board (SLTB) is the watchdog of the industry to ensure quality standards are maintained and was responsible for the introduction of the ‘Lion’ logo as the seal of quality approval. Our 200 year old industry has adapted and matured to consistently produce the finest teas on the planet.


Our Tea Range

Black Tea

The world’s favourite tea that can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

Green Tea

For the health conscious tea lover it’s crafted from the finest tea leaves.

Herbal Tea

Crafted from centuries old Ayuverdic recipes, a fully refreshing blend of the finest tea with health aiding herbs.

Fruity Tea

Packed full of fruity flavours there’s black or green tea infusions to choose from.

Specialty Tea

We make many speciality teas ranging from mixes containing flower petals and fruit pieces to create an amazing fusion of taste and flavours.

Tea Gifts

Attractive gift packs to suit every occasion from Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversaries and Christmas.
Choose from beautiful hand-made boxes and caddy’s.


Our Tea Collection


Our premium English Tea Collection is harvested from quiet valleys and rolling hillsides where it’s been nurtured by hours of sunshine and gentle rain to produce an unmatched taste and flavour.


Our premier Single Garden range represents tea grown in just one tea garden and each brings a unique taste and flavour for the discerning palate. It’s also recognised by the UN as the world’s first ethical tea brand.


Choose from our premium range of teas prepared to traditional Ayuverdic recipes and containing speciality herbs to improve your health and well-being.


What better way to celebrate a special event with a premium gift that will bring lasting enjoyment than our special gift collection.


Exclusively approved by The Rainforest Alliance as premium teas grown on Certified estates and tea gardens that meet their stringent principles and support the local communities in which they’re grown.


With that special zesty tang of fruit infused with our rich tea, this is a range for the whole family to enjoy. And such a wide range to choose from too.


Made from only the finest leaves, our Classic Collection will suit all palates. It’s the perfect refreshment at any time of the day whether you prefer th blak or green tea variety.


Rightly celebrated as legendary blends within the tea industry, is our signature ‘Night of 1,000 Stars’ range. Containing only our finest Ceylon tea skilfully blended with delicate fruit and flower aromatics to take enjoyment and refreshment to a new level.


With 6 different climate zones each producing their own unique and characteristic flavours of tea, our regional range allows you to choose from the dry uplands of the North to the humid lowlands in Southern Sri Lanka and experience a wonderful cornucopia of tastes.

Classic Range

This range features a pure Ceylon Black tea range that pays tribute to this versatile Tea variety. Large Loose leaf Teas & Tea bags bursting with character are on offer.

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