Robgill Estate Single Garden Black Tea 45 Triangular bags

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Mabroc 15 X 2g (KVPL) Robgill Single Garden Tea Bag

Single origin unblended Tea allows the Tea enthusiast to experience the unadulterated flavor of each Tea growing estate and is harvested only from the said Tea estate. This particular pure Ceylon Black Tea is ideal for drinking with milk due to the full bodied character of it. Harvested from an elevation 1380 meters above sea level.15 triangular Tea bags packed into a heat sealed pouch to maintain freshness and re packed into a bio degradable carton for ease of storage.

Single garden unblended Ceylon tea.

This Estate is located within the Sabaragamuwa region in Ceylon. Tea produced in this area is known for its full body and character.

Brewing Notes - Better With Milk

Elevation - 1380 Above Sea Level

1. Total cultivation extent – 247.67 H.A
2. Vegitatively Propagated tea Area – 132.61 H.A.
3. Old Seedling tea area– 44.86 H.A.
4. Annual crop of green leaf – 1,582,257kgs
5. Annual made tea – 356,008kgs


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